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Vacuum Ovens for Extraction

Cascade Botanical vacuum ovens are designed to effectively purge butane, propane, water and CO2 from organic extracts while preserving the quality and integrity of your finished product. Lose the solvent; keep the essential properties discriminating customers and patients demand.


Vacuum Ovens

Cascade Botanical vacuum ovens are designed and built with love in Oregon, for people who demand the very best. Build quality, smart technology and stable temperatures throughout mean clean, quality extracts and unparalleled consistency, run after run.

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Pumps and Accessories

The perfect purge requires more than just an awesome oven. Cascade Botanical offers a wide range of pumps and accessories, including connection kits, temperature monitors, rebuild kits, filter traps and more. We’ve got everything you need to get you running and keep you running. Time to level up!

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Whether you’re an independent extract artist looking to do small-batch runs or purchasing multiple ovens for a large commercial lab, we’ve got the perfect solution for you – including the ability to customize and automate your production line. Tell us a little bit about yourself and let us show you the way.

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"Upgrading to the Cascade Botanical vac oven was one of the biggest improvements we have made in our BHO processing to date."

Joe Oakes, R&D Director - Skunk Pharm Research

"Cascade's quality is the best in the industry! I have owned 4 of the TVO-2's. When it comes to having the best equipment Cascade is #1 for their vacuum ovens. They have a great customer service team and a great product".

JD Perkins - SubZero Scientific