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Vacuum Purge Experts for Solvent Extraction

Cascade Botanical’s vacuum ovens are specifically designed to effectively purge solvents, water and CO2 while preserving the quality of organic compounds.

Vacuum Ovens

With three sizes to choose from, Cascade Botanical Vacuum Purge Ovens are suitable for small batches to high production processing. All with the high quality features of minimized overshoot, uniform & stable temperature and the ideal vacuum levels to produce clean, quality products.

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We are constantly innovating. Get the most out of your vacuum purge process with Cascade Botanical’s Vacuum Accessories. With everything from heated shelves to advanced temperature monitoring tools – get ready to level up your tech.

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Our ovens are made with industrial grade strength, smart technology and love in Oregon, USA. Everything is in stock and we accept all forms of payment. Knowledgeable, live humans answer the phone.

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"Upgrading to the Cascade Botanical vac oven was one of the biggest improvements we have made in our BHO processing to date."

Joe Oakes, R&D Director - Skunk Pharm Research

"Cascade's expertise in vacuum purging is the perfect match for our professional grade extraction systems. Check Cascade out at one of our seminars!"

Steve Johnson - SubZero Scientific